About The Libertarian Party

Formed in 1971, the Libertarian Party affirms that American citizens have the liberty to run their own lives and businesses, free from Government intervention, interference, assistance to special groups, and restrictive laws that adversely negate competitive forces in a free market, Capitalist economy that is based on mutual consent and exchange of goods and services. Libertarians trust the individual to do what's right in his own interests.


Government has pushed many beyond their limits. Frustrated with restrictions, we become involved, politically active, personally invested in taking back control of our lives. It's time to be relevant again. It's time to impact our destiny, to raise our voices as any patriot would against a coercive and intrusive government to demand reinstatement of our human right to liberty.

Now is the time to join the Libertarian Party.


I hope to provide a regular report on my activities in support of the Libertarian Party, including volunteer work (creating flyers, helping with mailings, writing newsletter articles, etc.), attending conventions, voting in local elections, and lobbying. Additionally, I’ll be recording my thoughts about major issues of the day. My positions on issues will have a Libertarian and Objectivist, or Rationalist, slant. Conservatives are likely to disagree with the content of my essays because I advocate fewer laws, and Liberals may drum up a number of tired arguments about why personal responsibility works only in theory. I welcome all expression of dissent.

I am not a credentialed reporter, nor a seasoned blogger. I have never been politically involved. I have few expectations about how mentoring in a grassroots political campaign should work. I'm sure I'll have criticisms, that I'll say things that will be mistakes and will be outright factually wrong. Most of my views tend to be negative reactions to liberty-constrictive conditions and laws, making me sound like a major complainer, but I hope entertainingly so, with a dash of enlightenment. But I'm honest and hope to learn and pass my experiences on to others who are interested in learning.

I hope that people from all political spectrums come to  embrace the value of self-sufficiency in daily life. Click the Topics link in the side menu to read areas of interest. 

Libertarian Positions on the Issues

  • The economy is driven by the truly free market; neither large corporations nor small businesses get special government tax breaks, incentives, or subsidies, but are allowed to grow or fail without aid or barriers to aid
  • Law enforcement focuses on protecting citizens from violent crime and coercive corporate contract practices, not investigating victimless crimes, enforcing new revenue-generating crimes against personal behavior, and manufacturing entrapment crimes.
  • Crimes against the environment are treated as crimes against those who occupy the environment, and corporate polluters are held liable for all costs, without cap limits, in cleaning up their messes
  • Government doesn't dictate lifestyle or interests by penalizing some social activities and rewarding others
  • Government, at no level, tells Americans how to use their own property, yet holds individuals accountable for any damages caused to others from such use
  • Government does not bestow favored racial, ethnic, or religious group status through preferential treatment or laws that effectively exclude other racial, ethnic or other religious group
  • Federal government performs only a few basic functions; national defense, protection of human rights against coercive forces, and ensuring conditions that protect each individual's right to pursue a livelihood through guaranteed personal property ownership; the majority of goods and services are provided through private businesses and charities
  • Government does not decide what is best for individuals or how individuals should spend their earnings; government cannot take an individual's earnings, pool those earnings, and defend the practice my assuring everyone that they'll probably get some indeterminate amount of their money back at some undetermined future time through some yet to be determined social welfare program
  • Government cannot use tax-acquired funds to support anyone's or any group's expected future needs or for the immediate needs of others in the community or state or country or foreign nation
  • Government should not enrich corporations with corporate welfare in return for campaign contributions, interest-free and subsidized loans, or funding for research
  • Private schools are superior and more cost effective than government-run and mandated public schools
  • Government should charge a fair tax at a set rate for everyone, repeal the sliding scale income tax, downsize the IRS and reduce it's power to confiscate citizen bank accounts, charge only a consumption tax rather than sales tax on every item sold, and have a tax refund program based on income
  • Government should remove barriers to trade, such as embargos, tariffs, and quotas
  • Fighting drug wars and prosecuting recreational offenders is a waste of resources and time
  • Government oversees corporations, not overtakes them as it has done with failing banks, insurance companies, automotive manufacturers, and the entire health care industry
  • Government cares for money, not spending tax dollars on city beautification efforts in the speculative hope that more people will visit a city that has more to offer than comparable private-event facilities in the suburbs; city ambiance isn't worth the tax on those who don't want it.

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Contacting the Ohio Libertarian Party

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